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Insurance Litigation

Who We Are and What We Do

Our insurance litigation experience is deep and wide. We have decades of experience working for insurance industry clients on critical disputes. These matters encompass every aspect of the industry - from life and annuities to property and casualty – and every type of dispute in which insurance expertise is required, including policyholder class actions, coverage disputes, third-party claims, and government investigations. Handling these matters requires an authentic understanding of the industry.

We have command of the state and federal insurance regulations and can assess the chance of any particular defense in any jurisdiction. We have successfully resolved the large multi-jurisdictional class action that requires coordination across multiple sets of counsel in many regions as well as the singular claim in a specific jurisdiction. Irrespective of the size or nature of the matter, we know we are entrusted with our insurance client’s most difficult issues, and we afford those matters the care and respect they deserve.

Our Lawyers

RSHC has a team of formidable lawyers deeply experienced in all manner of insurance disputes. They are detail-oriented, with encyclopedic command of policy contracts and insurance regulations, as well as broad-based practitioners who understand the scrutiny the industry can attract. Our lawyers have spent their careers employing a down-to-earth approach to resolving insurance disputes in a manner that minimizes disruption to the business and protects the reputations of our clients.

Our Approach and Results

Insurance disputes potentially involve significant damages exposure when the plaintiff asserts bad faith, extra-contractual and punitive damages claims. We examine those claims from every angle and work with our clients to best defend against those claims. We believe our clients are entitled to be informed of the risks early in an engagement and deserve an educated assessment free of equivocation. Our lawyers are well-versed in providing those candid assessments, laying out the options, and working with our clients towards a strategy best suited to meet the clients’ goals.

If settlement is the preferred outcome, we put on our negotiator hats, and work cooperatively with plaintiff’s lawyers to fairly resolve these matters. The plaintiff’s bar knows that our courtroom skills are sharp and ready, and we don’t back down from a fight when fighting is necessary.

Delivering Value

We deliver value to our clients and align our pricing mechanism with our clients’ business needs and expectations. Our lawyers become fully invested in each matter because effective advocacy is a hands-on venture, and we believe that lean litigation teams can deliver great results in a much more cost-effective way.

Representative Engagements

Our lawyers have participated in the following matters:

  • Won a $2.3 million federal jury verdict for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in a complex insurance dispute.
  • Secured dismissal of a putative class action brought against our client alleging breach of contract, bad faith and unfair trade practices and consumer fraud  claims in the insurer’s assessment of property damage claims in Pennsylvania. The dismissal was affirmed by the Third Circuit.
  • Secured dismissal of a putative class action claiming entitlement underpayment of general contractor overhead and profit and roof-repair costs in connection with claims made under Tennessee homeowners insurance policies.
  • Secured a dismissal of a putative class action seeking declaratory judgment that an insurance company has an obligation to adjust and pay third-party claims for diminished value. The dismissal was affirmed by the Third Circuit.
  • Defeated class certification in multiple cases challenging repair-estimating pricing and underpayment of structural damages claims arising from Hurricane Katrina.
  • Secured dismissal of alleged class actions challenging an insurance company’s use of staff counsel to defend its policyholders.
  • Accomplished the striking of nationwide class allegations against our client in an Ohio-based class action challenging underwriting practices. The case then resolved on an individual basis.
  • Successfully resolved through favorable settlements fair-housing challenges asserted against our insurer clients.