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Business Transactions

Who We Are and What We Do

We are deal closers and business lawyers. We bring together an experienced team of corporate, real estate, and finance attorneys who have negotiated and closed hundreds of transactions. We believe exceptional legal counsel starts with understanding our clients’ business objectives. We provide cost-efficient, experienced, and strategic counsel and legal services to global, national, and regional clients.

We are problem solvers, not impediments. We develop deep relationships with our clients and get to know their industries, business teams, and what they value. Our experience allows us to support clients in an array of business transactions including:

•  Financial Services
•  Real Estate 
•  Corporate 
•  Airport Concessions

Financial Services

We have extensive experience in financing transactions of all types and structures. We represent both traditional and non-traditional lenders and borrowers in various loan matters, including syndicated/club deals, mezzanine and subordinate financings, construction and asset-based lending, acquisition financing, multi-facility structures, loan sales and assignments, debt restructuring, workouts and modifications, settlements, deed in lieu, and foreclosure counseling.

We aid our clients in determining a matter’s risk profile and evaluate the best approach forward. We have the knowledge, breadth, and depth to comprehensively address the most challenging lending concerns.

Real Estate

On a domestic and international scale, we offer a comprehensive and dynamic approach to solving our clients’  needs related to real property ownership, usage, construction, acquisition, disposition, and leasing. We work to appreciate the impact of these transactions with respect to a client’s overall asset portfolio and business objectives. 

We assist our clients in the negotiation of complex real acquisitions and dispositions. We structure and administer lease and licensing arrangements of all types. We aid our clients in resolving contentious property management issues with landlords, tenants, subtenants, licensees, and other parties. We successfully counsel our clients in interacting with municipalities and quasi-governmental entities with respect to zoning, land use, and various real property related concerns.


We represent clients from the development to maturity phase of the business life cycle. We counsel early stage companies through the initial formation and fundraising process.  We serve as outside general counsel providing a complete spectrum of legal needs, such as drafting and reviewing commercial contracts, employment-related agreements, and equity compensation plans.

We represent investors, including venture capital funds, in their investments in early stage and growth companies. We are strategic partners with our clients that seek to acquire companies, whether for strategic growth or for a private equity portfolio.

We are an active part of the deal team at every step and advise clients from early structuring through closing. When negotiating deals for our clients, we are not only focused on the deal at hand but how it fits into the client’s long term strategic vision.


We represent project owners, developers, construction managers, contractors and other purchasers and providers of design, engineering and construction services to construct, renovate and/or enhance built environments by drafting and negotiating all varieties of design, construction and related contracts for transactions, including architectural, design/build, construction management and other construction delivery contracts. We advise clients throughout the construction process. We offer strategic insights about transaction structures and selection of appropriate project delivery methods. Our experience includes handling construction-related matters for clients in a variety of industries, including education, hospitality, retail, transportation, manufacturing & distribution, public works and utilities, and residential.

Airport Concessions

We provide counsel and legal services to airport concession operators throughout the world. We specifically counsel airport concessionaires, prime operators, and municipalities in the formation, governance, and execution of all types of airport concessions operations, including but not limited to, food and beverage, duty free, spa and health services, specialty retail, news and gifts, and bookstores. Our experience in drafting and negotiating concession agreements, licenses and joint venture agreements is extensive. We regularly structure complex joint venture arrangements to achieve our client’s distinctive business needs. 

In addition, we have addressed hundreds of Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (ACDBE) certification issues and advise both prime concession operators and ACDBE Partners on these issues in achieving and maintaining certification, as well as responding to requests for proposals.  

We advise airports, transit authorities, and other governmental entities on compliance with the federal DBE/ACDBE regulations, the legal parameters of race and gender based contracting, and program development and internal audit procedures for contractor compliance with the DOT and FAA’s DBE policies.

Our Clients

We provide counsel to businesses ranging from startups to mature public companies.  Our clients are from a diverse set of industries and geographies, and include:

•  Airport Concessionaires
•  Commercial Lenders
•  Corporations with Large Real Estate Holdings
•  Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds
•  Investors
•  Emerging Companies

Our Lawyers

Our lawyers routinely navigate our clients through nuanced legal and business issues. We guide our clients to achieve optimal balance between business objectives and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We have the experience and proven track record to handle the most intellectually challenging issues.

We value diversity in all forms. Our lawyers come from a range of backgrounds and experiences. They have functional business experience, have worked in-house, and have had extended relationships serving as outside general counsel.

Our Approach and Results

We understand that our clients have one primary goal – to operate successful businesses.  We strongly believe that each legal question we tackle has an important impact on the business of our clients.  Any distinction between a legal and a business problem dissolves when there is a potential risk to the client’s business. We partner with our clients to solve disruptive legal issues to achieve the best business outcomes. We apply curiosity, creativity, and innovation in all the transactions we handle.

Whether a client is going through a transaction for the first time or routinely undertakes a high volume of transactions, we are equipped to support their needs. We staff our deals with a team of highly-skilled lawyers to most effectively solve problems and close transactions.

Delivering Value

We believe in efficiency and the delivery of high-quality legal services in a cost-effective manner. Alternative billing arrangements are the rule in our corporate transactions, not the exception. Our pricing structure allows us to consult with and counsel our clients without them (or us) being concerned about “watching the clock.”