The power of diversity is the power of collective wisdom.


Diverse teams are better teams. Better teams deliver better results. We are a truly diverse firm walking the walk on results and diversity.

For us, diversity starts with the names on our door, extends through our partnership and associate ranks, and informs our recruiting, staffing, and vendor choices. We believe that lawyers from different backgrounds provide a better perspective on the problems that our clients face. We are committed to serving our clients with superb lawyers who offer a variety of cultural, racial, and gender perspectives. Simply put, we believe that the more diverse our teams, the better the solutions and the greater the value that we produce for our clients.

We are proud of our start. While several partners lead our diversity efforts—including Patricia Brown Holmes, Ron Safer, and Josh Lee, all of whom have won awards honoring their commitment to diversity—all of our lawyers carry this banner. We are dedicated to attracting, retaining, nurturing, and advancing lawyers from all groups and walks of life. We have an inclusive culture that we intend to maintain and expand.
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Career of Powerhouse Chicago Lawyer and Former Judge Patricia Brown Holmes

RSHC Managing Partner Patricia Brown Holmes is currently being featured in a December 29 Lawdragon Lawyer Limelight sharing what it took for her to get where she is today. Born determined and in charge and a person who does not give up, “Miss Perfect Attendance” is not a woman who says something is too much. We invite you to take to heart her challenging journey and commitment to diversity, inclusion, and justice.  

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