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Patricia Brown Holmes and LaVon M. Johns Publish Best Lawyers Women in the Law Article on Recruiting

RSHC partners Patricia Brown Holmes and LaVon M. Johns published “Recruiting, Raising and Retaining the Next Generation” in the 2024 Business Edition of Best Lawyers Women in the Law. As experienced law firm leaders, the two attorneys write about how they have seen the recruiting process adapt in many ways over the years to accommodate shifting industry demands and a dynamic talent pool. But the seismic changes of the past four years have forced firms to reexamine their process for finding top talent and creating a workplace culture where young attorneys can thrive.

As the article explains, young lawyers who might previously have launched their careers with a singular focus on professional achievement now give equal consideration to personal and community commitments outside work. Increased focus on mental wellness has prompted job candidates to seek more from their employers, including greater control over their work schedules, the option to work remotely and access to time off to maintain their health. And because Millennial and Gen Z lawyers place a high value on authenticity, they are not shy about asking directly for the accommodations they want.

How can law firms create humane and sustainable workplace cultures that attract the next generation of lawyers, while at the same time building a team with the drive and dedication to deliver excellent service for clients under highly demanding circumstances? The authors detail suggestions including a shift in focus from work-life “balance” to work-life “integration,” seeking candidates with traits that indicate team spirit and diverse perspectives, and the best way to get the word out to potential candidates about your firm’s story.

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