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Jasmine Morton Selected as a 2024 CCBA Next Generation Lawyer

RSHC’s Jasmine Morton is among the 2024 Cook County Bar Association (CCBA) Next Generation Lawyer Award recipients. The award recognizes “the next generation of powerhouse Black attorneys who have practiced at least five years and are 40 years old or younger, or those attorneys who are over 40 years of age but have practiced law less than ten years.”

The keynote speaker spoke about Star Trek: The Next Generation and how LeVar Burton played a blind Black helmsman of the USS Enterprise. The goal of the show was to depict the dream of a diverse future. Now, the legal community has been enriched by more diversity, opportunity, and opportunities to demonstrate excellence. The next generation isn’t the future, the next generation is today.  Congratulations to Jasmine Morton on this honor as a 2024 CCBA Next Generation Lawyer and making a difference today.