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Nine RSHC Partners Selected as Lawdragon 500 Leading Litigators in America

Congratulations to RSHC’s nine partners selected as Lawdragon 500 Leading Litigators in America. The Lawdragon Editorial Team had words of praise for our recognized partners.

  • Joseph A. Cancila Jr. – Don’t let his understated manner fool you. Cancila is one of the top defense lawyers around for commercial litigation, especially shutting down class-action claims.
  • Kalia M. Coleman – A powerhouse force on the Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila team, Coleman’s courthouse savvy derives from more than 100 trials as a prosecutor and commercial litigator. She is a first-rate choice for white collar, corporate investigations, and other litigation.
  • Matthew C. Crowl – Uniformly praised and respected for outstanding work as a plaintiff, defense, public interest, and government lawyer, Crowl is the real deal. Whether winning millions for a wrongly imprisoned person or defending an investigation, he puts his clients first.
  • Patricia Brown Holmes – The one. The only. Few names carry as much clout in the Chicago legal community, where ‘The Judge’ has ruled – literally and figuratively – for decades. The former prosecutor often gets the first call on the biggest crisis of the moment for high-profile individuals, corporations, or civic matters.
  • Shalem A. Massey – Shalem Massey flies high in global disputes typically involving flight. From defending in airline crashes to advising on emerging law of drones, he’s a thoughtful and learned counselor bringing tremendous experience and insight.
  • Rodney Perry – Keep your eye on this litigation star. He excels defending real estate, employment, and other commercial litigation with a way around the courtroom that impresses one and all.
  • Robert H. Riley – He has committed himself to excellence in trial and appellate courts across the country on behalf of clients who entrust him with their greatest legal challenges. He’s a Hall of Famer as a trial lawyer in product liability, environmental, and commercial litigation - and for creating one of the most inspiring law firms around.
  • Ronald S. Safer – Ronald Safer is rightly lauded as an outstanding commercial litigation and white-collar expert, consistently winning the most difficult matters for his clients. Where he stands alone, however, is in his unsurpassed and heroic record in private law practice winning justice for wrongly convicted and imprisoned individuals.
  • Jeffrey R. Williams – A third-generation lawyer and educator, Williams is praised for infusing his complex product liability defense practice with technical know-how in ways that wow juries and clients alike.