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RSHC Announced as 2022 McDonald’s EMPOWER Award Winner

Recently, McDonald’s Corporation announced Riley Safer Holmes & Cancila LLP (RSHC) as one of the winners of its Legal Department’s 2022 EMPOWER Award in the inaugural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report (DEI). RSHC shares McDonald’s core values and demonstrates an innovative and strong commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Through their work to embed and operationalize the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion into how they manage their organizations, RSHC, along with the other winning firm have gone above and beyond to create and drive meaningful change.

RSHC believes DEI work plays a critical role within its organization, so DEI contributes directly to all performance evaluations and bonus considerations. In this way, DEI is in the fabric of everything RSHC employees do. In addition, RSHC’s compensation model is unique in that they do not have billing or origination credit, nor do they track realization rates. Through this innovative approach, they have taken away the factors that create competitiveness. Instead, credit is awarded for expanding and collaborating with peers to better serve clients. 

The firm also boasts a robust Engagement and Culture Committee that regularly hosts mandatory workshops aimed at fostering courageous conversations for all levels of people across the firm. This programming was shaped in partnership with nationally recognized diversity and inclusion strategist Dr. Derrick Gay through a multi-phase process involving anonymous comprehensive data collection and climate assessments. What’s more, RSHC partners with and sponsors many organizations promoting diversity in their communities. This includes prioritizing minority vendors, as well as providing space and resources to the non-profit Just The Beginning organization, which encourages students of color to pursue legal careers. RSHC also runs its own pipeline program, the RSHC Summer Institute, which introduces diverse high school and college students to the legal profession.

Read the full text of the McDonald’s announcement here