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RSHC Secures Record Verdict and Complete Vindication for Eddie Bolden

Twenty-seven years to the day that he was convicted of and soon thereafter sentenced to life in prison for crimes he did not commit, RSHC won complete and total vindication for Eddie Bolden.  On Friday, October 29, 2021, a Chicago jury resoundingly rejected the defendants attempts to, yet again, deprive Eddie of justice.  Twenty-eight times, once for every count against every defendant, the jury proclaimed Eddie’s innocence and the complicity of those who framed him.  The jury awarded $25 million in compensatory damages, as well as $100,000 in punitive damages against each of the living defendants.
Eddie Bolden is truly a profile in courage.  He courageously endured 22 years of imprisonment for a crime he did not commit.  Eddie relentlessly proclaimed his innocence.  But his voice went unheard by our justice system for decades.  RSHC took up his cause, got his conviction reversed, won his freedom, and obtained his certificate of innocence.  On October 29th the jury proclaimed, for the entire world: We hear you, we see you, we are going to deliver the justice you deserve.  The jury delivered the justice our system allows – a resounding verdict proclaiming his innocence and the guilt of those who framed him.  So proud of Eddie and the RSHC team who tirelessly worked to vindicate him.    One can only imagine the horror of that experience.  
Eddie never stopped fighting and, once enlisted, neither did the RSHC team that took up his cause as its own.