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Bruce Wagman, Co-Founder and President of Project Chimps, Reflects on Five-Year Milestone

A Dream Became Reality—Project Chimps celebrates a 5-year milestone!  Bruce Wagman, Co-Founder, President and RSHC animal protection lawyer, recalls the journey.  Currently 59 chimpanzees with almost 150 more to join them are thriving at the 236-acre Project Chimps sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia.

Born in early 2014, Project Chimps is a ground breaking effort by a group of committed individuals with the idea of getting all of the research chimpanzees out of the private laboratories in America.  Founders, advocates, donors, and volunteers are making a life-altering difference for hundreds of former research chimpanzees from the University of Louisiana New Iberia Research Center (NIRC).  With over 100 chimps waiting to move from labs, the work is far from finished.

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