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Chicago Lawyer Article, Technology vs. The Billable Hour

RSHC partner, Ron Safer, shared his thoughts with Chicago Lawyer about the vital importance of new billing models, technology efficiencies, and achieving goals that respect and respond to the client’s definition of success.

Apps and add-ons take seconds to do what an associate would have billed days for and new cognitive computing models help lawyers extend what they can do in a single hour. “[Clients] want a menu of options from which they can choose,” said Riley Safer partner Ronald Safer.

The purpose [of technology] is not to replace humans but to extend their capabilities … freeing up lawyers’ abilities and allowing them to focus on client relationships and more important things. “It’s a new balance of power,” Safer said. “And it’s one clients like.” “The lawyer has to respect and respond to the client’s definition of success.” The world expects things faster, and lawyers are smart enough to change.

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