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Change Management and Legal Operations

Who We Are and What We Do

Every one of our change-management lawyers has executive-level management experience in Fortune- or Global-500 corporate legal departments.  We understand the unique and often evolving pressures faced by legal departments undergoing mergers, acquisitions, leadership changes, and the ongoing pressure to align with shifting strategic goals. We understand the absolute necessity of data-driven decision making and measurable successes.  And we understand at a practical level how to audit, streamline, and manage legal operations through periods of transition to control spend, enhance outcomes, deliver value, improve processes, and incorporate innovative technological solutions.  

Our change management services are provided under a new client service model, aligning the engagement structure and allocated resources with the scope of the assignment, whether your legal department is in need of a tune-up or a wholesale restructuring.  Some services provided include:

Legal Operations Audit

Change doesn’t always happen on a large scale, as with a merger or corporate restructuring.  Often, shifting corporate priorities or slowly rising outside spend can cause a misalignment within legal operations over time.  Our attorneys know how to identify key areas of inefficiency and how to fix them.  We provide a range of services, including process mapping, staff competency assessment, outside spend assessment, and portfolio-level audits of litigation, compliance and/or intellectual property, to help you find creative short-term and long-term solutions.

Change Management

A record $2.5 trillion in mergers were announced in the first half of 2018, and the trend towards growth by acquisition continues to accelerate.  Whether our clients have been impacted by corporate restructuring, by leadership changes, by the sea of changes that continue to be wrought by expanding adoption of new technology, or simply by a change in corporate direction, our lawyers are able not only to audit and identify areas of need, but to provide hands-on management of legal department transitions.

On-the-Ground Support

In some cases, additional on-the-ground support is needed to manage a significant transition.  We have been engaged to provide everything from short-term seconded paralegal support to an entire turnkey litigation department to help clients manage change without sacrificing outcomes. We have managed staff turnover, executive search processes, terminations and onboarding, implementation of new work flow processes, technology adoption, and outside spend controls, all from within client legal departments. This option allows real-time tweaks to work flow to accommodate business realities and allows our experienced attorneys to “keep the trains running” so that the business can focus on deliberate planning for the future.

Change management requires intense coordination between internal and external resources to present an effective, united front in the face of high-stakes business problems, and to maintain trust between the business “clients” and the legal department.  When done well, we believe that it provides a unique opportunity for a legal department to reset objectives and move forward efficiently and with a common purpose.

Delivering Value

We deliver value to our clients and align our pricing mechanism with our clients’ business needs and expectations. Our change management services are typically provided under a client service model.